About Us

It all started in the early 2000 when a group of friends in Pietarsaari, Finland, came up with the Pipalüük name. Fast forward to 2019 and the friends took hold of the matter and the Pipalüük company and a year later, the first Pipalüük collection was released.

During the corona pandemic another group of friends was thinking about starting an activewear company, as working out was close to their hearts. They wanted to make good looking, high quality, and comfortable activewear.

The paths for these two groups of friends crossed in 2021 and from there on, a part of the gang wanted to take the Pipalüük brand to the next level and continued with the company.

The brand is inspired by the Nordic nature and lifestyle. Our clothes are designed with every day in mind and for people with an active lifestyle. We think beauty can also feel comfortable and we want our activewear to both feel and look good. Pipalüük activewear will fit into every person’s wardrobe, which will take you from the gym to the city centre and back home.

We have created an invaluable insight and understanding of the quality and function of the products. And of course, we love sharing them with you.

Our headquarter and warehouse is located in Vaasa, Finland. We also have different partners all around Finland.

Tom, Greger, Maija, Johnny