Privacy Policy

Updated 1/24/2022

Pipaluuk Oy is committed to protecting its customers’ personal data in accordance with the EU Personal Data Act. In this statement, we describe our privacy practices that apply to the processing of personal information not only for our e-commerce customers but also for other digital services, such as newsletter subscribers. The customer must accept the terms of this privacy statement in order to use Pipaluuk Oy’s services.

Registrar and contact information:

Pipaluuk Oy
Business ID: 3085482-4
Ruutikellarintie 5
65100 VAASA

For more information on data protection and the processing of personal data, please contact

Grounds for and purpose of keeping the register

The purpose of the register is to process and archive Pipaluuk Oy’s customer orders and to maintain the customer relationship. The data can be used for operational development and statistical purposes. Personal data is processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

What personal information do we collect?

We collect personal information in the following situations; (i) when purchasing clothing or other products from our online store, (ii) when you subscribe to our newsletter, (iii) when you contact our customer service; and (iv) while browsing our website. The information to be collected may include, for example:

The personal data register may contain the following information

  • Basic information such as name, address, email address, phone number
  • Company / organization
  • Shopping history
  • Payment information, including credit agreements and other billing information
  • Delivery information, such as delivery method and delivery address
  • Product Reviews
  • E-commerce browsing information and terminal identification information

What is personal information used for?

We use personal information for the following purposes:

  • Maintaining customer base
  • Delivery, processing and archiving of orders
  • To develop the operation of our website
  • To improve the customer experience
  • To produce targeted content and marketing
  • For analytical and statistical purposes
  • To prevent abuse

The information in the register is processed based on the customer relationship between the customer and Pipaluuk, the agreement, the use of the website, the customer’s separate express consent or legal obligations.

Retention, processing and protection of personal data

The personal data register is protected against unauthorized access and care is taken in handling the register. Pipaluuk Oy ensures that the stored data as well as the access rights to the servers and other information critical to the security of personal data are handled confidentially and only by those employees for whom it is essential for the performance of their duties.

The retention period of personal data is determined by its purpose and the obligations imposed by law. We will only retain personal information for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this leaflet. Legislation may impose obligations for a longer retention period for some information, such as accounting and consumer trade responsibilities, and to demonstrate their proper exercise.

Disclosure of information to third parties

We may disclose some of your necessary information to third parties, for example to guarantee payment transactions and deliveries.

We pass the information on to the following third parties:

  • For analytics and statistics partners
  • For product recommendation and personalization partners
  • For email marketing partners, if customer has allowed newsletter, browsing history communication, or product review requests
  • To the carrier, if the chosen delivery method is transport to the pick-up point, the nearest post office or the destination
  • When paying with a payment card
  • To the invoice operator when the invoice is selected as the payment method
  • To the collection company, when the invoices fall due and move to collection

Pipaluuk Oy ensures a high level of data security and protection when transferring and processing data in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation. Third party data processing practices are guaranteed by standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission, the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement or any other method approved in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation.

Data transfer outside the EU or the EEA

The data will not be transferred outside the EU or the EEA unless the cooperating party has a so-called Under the Privacy Shield Agreement.


As a customer, you have the following rights under applicable law:

  • The right to check what personal information is stored in the register.
  • The right to request the correction of incorrect data or the completion of incomplete data. A repair request should be sent to our customer service
  • In some cases, you can ask us to delete your personal information. Removal requests must be made in writing by email to Please note that some of the information in our registry may be information that we are required to retain by law (e.g., the Accounting Act), so a request may not result in deletion.
  • You have the right to receive your personal information in a commonly used, machine-readable form.
  • You have the right to prohibit the use of your information for direct marketing by notifying the data controller.


When you visit the website, cookies may be transferred to your computer from time to time. Cookies can be used to collect information about, for example, what page you have visited, what web pages you have browsed and when, what browser you use, the resolution and operating system of your monitor, and the IP address of your computer, ie the Internet address from which you send and receive .

With the help of cookie data, the number of visitors to the service can be monitored by Pipaluuk Oy and its partners, and analyzed and developed to better serve visitors. In addition, Pipaluuk Oy’s partners may use cookies to target information about the visitor’s visits to this and other websites.

The information collected through cookies is used to generate targeted advertising based on the visitor’s interests. The targeting of advertising by cookies does not identify the visitor and does not combine the information with any personal information received from the visitor in any other context. You can block the use of cookies by changing your browser settings so that your browser does not allow the storage of cookies. In this case, you accept that for some services, blocking the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the service.

Modification of the Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement may be updated if we change the way we process personal information or the use of cookies, and we encourage you to review this page regularly to stay informed of any changes we have made.